My Wellness Boutique

I am a mother, just like you, and I want to share with you my story towards wellness. I had resided to a life of tiredness and brain-fog until I discovered a natural solution that worked for me.

My Wellness Boutique


I am a mother, just like you, and I want to share with you my story towards wellness. I had resided to a life of tiredness and brain-fog until I discovered a natural solution that worked for me.

My Wellness Boutique is all about discovering the holistic benefits of a natural detox – not just in our physical bodies, but a detox of our homes and our minds. My wellness mission is ongoing and this boutique community will enable me to share my experiences with you so that we can connect, support, and educate each other along the way. Start reading the Joural (link to ‘Journal’ page) and add a comment about your experiences.

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My Journal

Breaking the Fast

Woke up early, I was so excited to break my fast today.

I thought it would be nice to enjoy the moment by myself, so I rushed through getting ready.

I drank my 1.5 liters of water first, got that over and done with.

I cut my avocado and tomatoes, I broke off my large basil leaves and artist ally placed them on a plate. The smell was so fresh and inviting.

I sat and I ate my meal by myself and enjoyed every mouth full. I found that the flavor was a little over powdering after a while, so I broke it up with some delicious strawberries.

Once my daughter woke up, I sat with her while she had her breakfast. This simple acted I actually haven’t done in a long time.

Even before waterfast, I would usually stand in the kitchen and drink my water, getting everything else organized while she sits and eats her breakfast by herself. It was a really nice change. I kept this up throughout the week. Sitting with her eating breakfast and having a little chat. I never noticed that I wasn’t present with her first thing in the morning.

During the week I’ve been having the things I’ve been craving. I will admit that I quickly became over consuming food. The full 13 days of not having food, and the constant cravings or the constant reminders of food became insignificant. Having to decide what I felt like to eat or what I wanted became tedious. Water was simple. Why do we put so much importance on food?

At times I became so emotional about food, these reactions really took me by surprise.

So it’s been 5 days since breaking the fast, I think I have over indulged a little too much. It’s Monday tomorrow so back on track for me. Intermittent fasting and only fresh produce.

Next scheduled fast is the next new moon in the transitions into the new season- Spring.

I will admit the waterfast was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I will keep going on this journey and have a few more attempts. It will hopefully become easier the more times I do it…

I will do Spring and Summer New Moon Waterfasts, two more times this year. So watch this space.


Day 10 of 10 Waterfast

Oh happy days, Oh happy days…

Rise and shine, last day.

Well you wouldn’t believe it. I finally feel fabulous. Even after morning rituals and guzzling water.

So let’s go shopping for beautiful fresh produce for tomorrow. Mmmm

It was difficult going shopping knowing that the end was so near. All day I had heaps of energy and was still feeling great. Even at the midday make, when usually I would go downhill.

I kept busy all afternoon to keep my mind off food. I cleaned the fridge, seeing as it was pretty much empty. Cleaned out the toddles bowls, plates and cutlery drawers. I couldn’t believe how many I had accumulated over the past three years. That passed a little time.

Just knowing I had beautiful avocados, tomatos and gigantic basil leaves so close was distracting.

Throughout this experience I’m very proud of my husband and he’s support. Yes he’s only human and has tested my dedication at the beginning with hot chips and donuts. There have been a few times I wanted to give in but he was right there telling me I was going a good job, and that I was nearly there.

He too has embraced the healthy eating routine and he now notices what happens to his body when he eats something processed or not so healthy. If I didn’t have he’s support on this journey I don’t think I could have done the full 10days. And for that I am grateful.

I did find myself looking at the menu of the restaurant we’re going to Saturday night.

Don’t forget 80/20 rule.

I can’t tell you how excited I am, it’s like Christmas Eve. I might even go to bed early so tomorrow comes sooner. Happy 4th of July to me…

Day 9 of 10 Waterfast

Woke up 4am, could not go back to sleep. So I stayed in bed and enjoyed the warmth.

Moring rituals done.

I don’t want to offend or gross anyone out, but I have not consumed food since the 20th of June.

3 days of juice then straight on to water with daily enemas, and there is still poo coming out. The thought of that scares me. I can’t even imagine the amount of toxins that has been sitting inside me for who knows how long. Anyway enough of the grossness.

This morning I was busy with a workshop, I was a bit fuzzy but I manage. Yummy food on the table including guacamole, very hard to resist. But I did.

Once again I started going downhill around lunch time. Blurry vision and I felt as though I was running on empty.

I know it’s only 1 more days but all I can do is think about food.

I’m still having avocado, tomato and basil to break my fast on Tuesday. Tomorrow I’m going to go and find the best looking avocado I can find as well as the most juiciest and biggest organic tomato. Hopefully I can find gigantic basil leaves too. It’s going to be had not to eat it beforehand.

My husband and I have our 4th Wedding anniversary on Thursday, I don’t know what I want for dinner because I want all the usual things that we have on our treat nights. On Saturday night we’re going to the French restaurant at the casino, I’ve already check out the menu to see what I’m going to have.

I know I have to ease back into eating slowly. Very slowly.

Trust me I learnt the hard way on my first water fast. I was in so much pain, and it wasn’t even a lot.

One more day, one more day, one more day.


Day 8 of 10 Waterfast

What can I say, the countdown is on.

Usually morning rituals, I managed to get all the way through before my daughter woke up. Luckily it’s Saturday and my husband let me quickly finish before they came down.

A morning of pampering for me, I got my hair done. My hairdresser thinks I’m crazy, but she still finds it fascinating.

Got home after lunch and there is my daughter eating chips… Seriously I what with the weekends.  Last week it was chips and donuts.

I had a lot to do to prepare for tomorrows workshop so I was happy to send them off to the pub for hot chips and football without me.

Now that these have been planted back into my brain, I’m really struggling.


I kept busy preparing for tomorrow, but I had to make my raw chocolate. It was so hard not to lick the excess.

People say that I but this time of a waterfast you should have heaps of energy and no cravings. What is wrong with me? Maybe I have so many toxins in my system it’s going to take a few more waterfast to have those result.

I will admit I just has a mini meltdown.

My husband was looking at the Thai restaurant menu and I nearly caved. I asked him to order me my usual dish, he said no. I started to cry.

I’m sick of water, teas and veggie both. I do still enjoy my hot water infused with my therapeutic grade essential oils. Right now I’m having peppermint.

Positive note- My hair looks fabulous. X


Day 7 of 10 Waterfast

Once again feeling great when waking up.

Full morning rituals done. I do admit I have to start consuming my water after all morning rituals. I noticed than when I started drinking my water before and during my morning rituals I would feel nauseous.

I’m still consuming tea. It’s a nice change and warms my core on these very cold mornings.

Today was really a nonevent, spent most of the day at home do house chores, paper work. All the fun stuff.

In the afternoon I started feeling quite frustrated again. My toddler is really pushing all my buttons. I feel as though she can feel my frustrations and chooses to keep pushing until I snap. I was extremely hard not to be too emotional but unfortunately I was.

All I wanted to do was turn comfort food, anything but liquid. That would make everything feel better. Don’t worry guys, I stayed strong and heated up my veggie broth.

Now as I type this I’m sitting here watching the football with my husband. My husband is enjoying he’s beautiful raw salad. And every second ad on the football is food advertising. I couldn’t watch MasterChef again, they’re in Japan. I am craving Japanese. Yummy Delicious. During the day I have no cravings, it’s only at night.

I’ll leave you with a positive: Day 7, on the final leg home.


Day 6 of 10 Waterfast

After a late night hosting my workshops, I still woke up feeling good.

I did most of my morning ritual, except enema. (My husband decided to have a sleep in, so I did have enough time before he needed as shower. We are very private when it comes to toilet stuff. I think that’s too much to have to share with your beloved partner.

I had a full day to myself, my daughter was in daycare and the cleaner was due at 9.30am. Great I thought to myself. Well yes I did get somethings done. But gee it took me a long time. I had no strength and very low energy. We have a two-story house, so every time I had to go up and down the stairs it felt like I had just ran around the block.

Maybe I had done too much… By lunch time I was feeling pretty wrecked? The cleaner left around 2pm, so I curled upon the couch with a blanket with my dog and the foster kitten. The heater was cranking but I was still really cold. I thought I only had a small rest, but when I woke it was 4pm… Whoops

I am a bit tired of water, so I went and got some organic tea. Mmm a much needed change on these cold chilly days.


Day 5 of 10 Waterfast

Wooo Hooo half way mark.

Full morning rituals all done, feeling really good. Very clear today.

Running around with my daughter shopping, feeling great!

Went to my friends beauty clinic to get my eyebrows done and I got to experience Cryotherapy facial. Wow that was an experience, I want more if it can reduce my wrinkles. My friend and I are both doing the waterfast at the same time. She has already done a few, so we had a good laugh about what I’ve been going through. Laughter is the best medicine.

Thank goodness for that laugh, because even though I was feeling great and my daughter wasn’t having many 3year old tantrum the universe decided to throw multiple challenger at me. Nothing I had previously arranged was ready, which meant I was having to do more running and driving around. Even simple things like self-checkout machine and EFTPOS machines playing up. All I could say was “Please Universe Give Me A Break”.

I still need to go home clean up the house and get all my note and everything prepared for my workshop that was starting at 7pm.

6.30pm came around and my friend arrive to help, she arrived with her beautiful guacamole which was torture not to eat. I could smell it. I wanted it so bad. I’ve decided that avocado will be my food for breaking this Fast. Avocado slices, tomato & fresh basil leaves.

By the time 7pm came around you wouldn’t know that I had a rough day. I still had a lot of energy.

I will admit that with all the running around in the afternoon I didn’t consume enough water.

It was a late night (for me) by the time the workshop was finished, I struggled to fall asleep. It was very cold, and I could not get myself to warm up. Sleep did eventually come with the help of my essential oils.

Day 4 of 10 Waterfast

Woke early again. Heart still beating heard.

I got out of bed to start my morning rituals. That did not last long at all. I had to sit down after 1 minutes

My heart was racing and it felt like it was about to fly out of my chest.

My husband was up getting ready to go to the gym and he checked my pulse. He was very concerned.

I put myself to back to bed for another 45mins.

Once I got out of bed the second time, I took it easy getting ready for the day. No enema’s this morning. Only basic bathroom ritual, but still included the guasha.

I needed to feel better so I made up a very watering cashew, cacao & honey drink and sipped on that most of the morning. Plus some water.

Luckily today my daughter was in pre-kindy today. So I didn’t have to feeling like this in front of her.

I had such a busy morning, but I had to take it very slowly.

Good news is I started feeling better by noon. And other positive note, when at the shops I wasn’t templet by the food around me. No cravings today. Alleluia

I’m still struggling to watch MasterChef.


Day 3 of 10 Waterfast

Woke up extra early 4.45am, wide awake. Laid in bed for an extra 30mins.

My heart felt like it was beating extra hard, it felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.

I got up, it was a freezing this morning but I was sweeting, not sure why. Maybe toxin release. I did my morning rituals. They were very difficult to do this morning, I wasn’t feeling the best today.

Lack of energy all day, and felt very frustrated. I tried my best to be focused and a present mother. But as some of you may understand 3 year olds can be very testing. I diffused and applied my Essential Oils to keep on top of it.

All day I felt so over frustrated, I felt like I was going to lose my cool at any small trigger. I think I may have. It was a day of constantly telling my daughter off. I’m am feeling guilty and like I’m a bad mother.

I hope day 4 brings a better feeling.

Day three was not a positive day.

Early to bed tonight. New day tomorrow. It must get earlier.


Day 2 of 10 Waterfast

Woke up, drank 1lt of water as soon as I woke up before morning rituals.

After drinking the water, I actually felt nauseous. This lasted most of the morning. Apart from that I felt pretty good.

My morning rituals did take longer than usual and I didn’t have the strength to do them to my best ability.

All day training course again was a good distraction. My friend’s lunch did look and smell delicious.

I’ve added it to the list of foods I would love to have after the fast.

Once again my husband kindly picked me up. Bless him. But I hopped in the car and my daughter was eating a donut (a vegan donut) covered in strawberry icing. So the whole car smelt like yummy strawberry donut. And she smelled like yummy strawberry donut all night until bath time. Wow

Two nights in a row of my first water fast tempted with my favorite foods. Salty chips & donuts…

To curve this craving and temptation I had a hot water with lemon and a little raw honey. It did work, craving gone.

I was really looking forward to my end of day Veggie Broth. Which was great.

I am wonder what day three is going to be like. My Monday’s are always quiet, and I’m hoping I’m not always thinking food. No point thinking about it before it’s even here.

Breath & Relax.




Day 1 of 10 Waterfast Days

So here we go, my first every waterfast…

Woke up bright and early, a busy day ahead. I’ll try to keep busy so I don’t focus on food.

Started the day with the morning cleansing ritual, I took longer this morning because my husband was home to do breakfast ect… with my toddle. It was nice to not feel so rushed.

I was in a course training today and my tummy rumbled only twice.

There were frequent wee stops throughout the day, which was the most annoying part so far.

When everyone else went for lunch break, I sat outside and enjoyed to beautiful warm sun.

When my husband picked me up from the course, I got into the car and my toddler had hot chips. Well I can tell you that was painful. Hot chips are my “Go To” food when I’m sick or not feeling 100%.

I came home and had a hot water with a little lemon & honey. Craving gone.

I pushed passed- fewww. I keep telling myself “One day down, nine more to go”…. I’m looking forward to my veggie broth.

No time to sit and think about it though. Off to another little training session…

FullSizeRenderDay 3 of 3 Juice Cleanse

I’m still feeing good. Great news.

I’ve got a good amount of energy, and everything is very clean. Everything seems brighter, senses are already heightened.

It’s a new moon tomorrow. 10 day waterfast begins.

I spent most of the day getting ready for that.

Distilled Water- Check

Himalayan Sea salt- Check

Turmeric Powder- Check

Raw Honey- Check

Veggie Both- Check

Day 2 of 3 Juice Cleanse

Woke up feeling positive again. Good to note, because in the past Day 2 of previous Juice Cleanses have been the worst. (Usually migraine, nauseous and diarrhea)

To help with detoxification process, I did a morning enema. (Yes I know too much information for some)

I also starting my morning shower ritual with guasha scrub and an oil pull, to eliminate toxins faster.

Happy to report no massive detox symptoms this time.

Just to let you know that this is my 4th Juice Fast, Day 2 of all the previous fast have been horrible. I won’t lie.

I won’t do a happy dance just yet, my detox might just be postponed.

I will continue to do the same morning rituals to cleanse and clear my system.

Bring on day 3… Tomorrow last day of juice before Waterfast…

Massive System Cleanse.

Here we go, 13days of not consuming food. Longest Fasting I’ve done.

I will Journal my journey.



3 Day Juice Cleanse

10 Water fast to start on the next New Moon (Saturday 24th June)

Day 1 of 3 Juice Cleanse

Woke up feeling positive about Juice Cleanse.

Started feeling a little tired around 1pm, so yes lucky for me I could have a nap today. My daughter still has a daytime sleep.

Never felt hungry until 7pm, but I think that was out of habit. I wanted to chew something.

All juices consumed throughout the day were delicious…

8pm was craving chocolate (so for me I eat raw chocolate anyway) but I still had that craving.

Luckily last Juice of the day was Almond Cacoa & Date milk, so this craving was satiated.